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  • Cheyenne Casebier - (John Adams, Two and a Half Men) in the role of Gilda
  • Eduardo Arroyuelo - (7 Dias, Before Night Falls) in the role of the Delivery Man/Dream Man
  • Yareli Arizmendi - (24, A Day Without a Mexican) in the role of Miranda
  • Marita Geraghty - (Groundhog Day, Don Juan DeMarco) in the role of June
  • Charley Rossman - (CSI, Superbad) in the role of the Dry Cleaner


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  • Writer/Director: Katherine Griffin
  • Producers: Jon Bachmann and Emilia Arau
  • Director of Photography: Gonzalo Amat - (7 Dias, Taking 5)
  • Production Designer: Bryony Foster - (Shanghai Noon, White Oleander)
  • LA-based composer: Josh Nelson (Steelbird Music) - has contributed an original score and music that incorporates Jazz into a subtly comic cinematic sound.
  • Special Effects: Glenn Campbell of Area 51