Production Notes

Writer/Director Katherine Griffin set out to write a screenplay that would incorporate the great actors and locations she had immediate access to, including a friend's unique hair salon, her dry cleaner, a tango choreographer and a fantastic special effects house. With all of these things at her disposal, she weaved a heartfelt story of about compulsive rule-follower who decides to take a risk in her life just to see what happens in a film that is equal parts comedy and fantasy.

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Everyone sometimes falls into the trap of becoming a prisoner of his or her own design. Too many people walk around in their lives oblivious to the possibilities that are passing them by. All it takes is a little something - a little upset or change in their daily routine - to snap them out of that blindness. In Gilda's case, that little something is in deciding to challenge the implausible and the willingness to see how far it will take her.

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The 28-minute film was shot on Super 16mm in Long Beach, Malibu and Marina del Rey, California in six days.

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